Residential Play Systems

Castle or Clubhouse? The first step in designing your family's dream swing set is to select either our Castle Play Systems series or our Clubhouse Play Systems series. Each is filled with endless adventures and years of imaginative play so there's no wrong choice. You simply need to determine which types of play are the best fit for your children.

The primary difference between the two swing set designs is the key play areas. The Castle series offers more open play areas whereas the Clubhouse series provides more clubhouse-type options such as a fort, picnic area, playhouse, sandbox or general store. To help you make the best choice for your family, we’ve outlined the unique features of each play systems series below.

Castle Series:

  • More Overall Play Areas
  • 2 extra wide climbing ladders
  • Super flared canopy with flags
  • 360° tire swing under fort
  • Jacob's rope ladder
  • Unique step/chain ladder option

Clubhouse Series:

  • Sandbox or picnic table under fort
  • General store on lower level option
  • Playhouse option (lower or upper level)
  • Ramp option

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